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Charlie is MEPHISTO!!!

If you trust that cute little ball of hellfire you will get burned!

Crazy, you say?

Paranoid, you say?

Have a deep rooted prejudice against fire engine red, horned creatures, you say?

Well let me say this, the devil is alive and well in the Marvel Universe my friends and lately… they’ve been a DOG!!!

And what a dog! Mephisto the dog recently took over the entire Marvel Universe starting with Phil Coulson! In Heroes Reborn (2021), he turned our buddy Phil into a Lex Luthor level President of the United States and had the entire country under their paw.

Sure, when you compare the two there are little differences. One has red fur, the other black, one has horns, the other does not. But look at their eyes and you’ll be looking into the Master of Malice! The Lord of the Lower Depths!

Why am I rambling about this? Because from a role playing perspective, I would love this to be true. Can you imagine if Charlie is actually Mephisto in Midnight Suns? Think of the creative implications! The one thing I know that Mephisto loves to do is bond souls together to torment one another. A perfect example is merging Johnny Blaze with Zarathos to create Ghost Rider of the 70s & 80s. Let’s take that methodology and apply it to the unique and original character customizations of the Hunter…

The hunter is brought back to fight Lilith but Mephisto, that sneaky little doggy, has merged their soul with Kraven the Hunter! Not only does the Hunter now look like Kraven, what selection of abilities would Kraven pick for a mission? How would he interact with Spider-Man? How would this affect the chances of completing certain missions?

Now think of all the list of dead characters that Mephisto might have access to and then the fun can really begin. Off the top of my head, you could start with bonding any of the following with the hunter…

Zarathos to torment Ghost Rider, Mar-Vell to mess with Captain Marvel, Gwen Stacy to guilt trip Spider-Man, Jean Grey to tear up Wolverine, Obidiah Stane to go toe to toe with Tony Stark, Red Skull or Baron Zemo from the 1940s to plot against Captain America, the list goes on and on.

This is why I’m so excited for Midnight Suns. I feel like this game is setting itself up to be a place where I can craft intricate character driven stories from the Marvel Universe and then put them to the test within the game’s mechanics. The replayability of the game is going to be off the charts!

So, when you play this game, don’t forget to pet “Charlie” and say, “Thank you Mephisto for letting my dreams come true.”

- Skully

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